Contiki is a coach tour company of The Travel Corporation group, operating in Europe, Russia, Egypt, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, and Asia.

For over 50 years, it has been organizing coach trips exclusively for 18-35 year olds, providing them with unique experiences all over the world, including a mix of culture, socializing and adventure.




Our goal was to create a new and better browsing experience. One that provides a better understanding of what it means a Contiki tour for the travellers, giving them a voice with a more social platform and a visual inspiration for everyone how to want to travel.

We needed to create that experience but not only the look and feel, but a global component system that is easy to use to create new campaigns, tours and experience for all the headquarters located in many countries.

Working closely with engineers, product managers, marketing, stakeholders and sales department to ensure our goal.



The process

The process was not only to create a visually appealing design but a functional one that let the user book with ease their next adventure.

The process was iterative, meeting with stakeholders, validating wireframes and propose a solution for each challenge that would be validated with a real user with remote testing was our main steps to complete the goal.


The output

We kept in mind that the design should be modular and responsive, we wanted to create the same experience no matter the device you were using to browse the web.

We created hundres of componentes which worked perfectly together using the CMS to build new pages.


We wanted to provide a boost to our mobile experience, but we didn't forget about all the different screen sizes. We created the best experience, adapting the website to the screen, the situation and the environment were the user was using the website.


The styleguide

The design team worked together with the "Atomic Design" approach from Brad Frost to create a bast repository of design elements in Sketch as a Design system. Those elements were icons, colours, text styles...but also complex components that would be accessible to all the design members working in different countries. Consistency was key to ensure a fluid workflow and reach the high design standards that the company wanted.


The learning button on the top right. Have Fun!

This project was not only to create a new and good looking site but to come closer to the user needs and provide a better understanding of what we offer. Also, create a design environment which everyone would be able to use the tools and the design system to create new content on the fly.

This website is the result of a lot of effort and expertise of a talented and passionate team of engineers, product managers and of course, designers.


If you would like to know more or just chat feel free to send email or contact me in any social media profiles.