Movistar Argentina is the pioneer of digital telephony in Argentina, with more than XX Million customers in the country.
The app has been evolving for the last 2 years to meet the standard quality of the company and become the central part of the live cycle of the users.

But how might we create a digital experience for those users who want to become clients?

My Role

I led the Product Design - User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) - of this project. I also receive support from the Research Team in order to keep on track with the main insights of the previous research.

Main Tasks
1. Customers Insights
2. Planification and Project Vision
3. Ideation and Design Execution


Research Insights

The interview sample took into account men and women aged from 25 to 65, inserted in the economically active population of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. And clients of Movistar for no more than 1 year.

In total were made around 20 interviews.  Although we considered Don Norman's popular article about "Why you only need 5 users to Test", finally we did more interviews since the spectrum of the users was too wide. 

The conclusion of the interviews was clear, we didn't identify a problem with the app usage and how they use it, but how they required to do a tremendous effort to become clients.


User Journey

Create a Blueprint provided us with a clear vision of what the process takes to become a new customer. There're many gaps during the process that could be big pain points, such as Schedule a shop appointment, waiting list, pick up the SIM card...


This is a current journey that the user need to do in order to become client. Yep, is long, isn’t it?


Many solutions were evaluated, but the biggest pain point to solve during the process was to validate the identity of the client. Is not only about a regular registration process, but also a legal requirement.

We were required to provide crystal clear photos of the ID's, the personal data and a bit more info. For this reason,  create seamless experience was our main priority, create even an enjoyable experience (if a form can be funny though...)

User Interface


Thank you for Watching ⚡️

If you have any comment, you can reach me out by email or social media :)

Thank you for Watching ⚡️

If you have any comment, you can reach me out by email or social media


If you would like to know more or just chat feel free to send email or contact me in any social media profiles.